Fair Copier Leases in Minneapolis

By Marketing Group / October 24, 2017 / Comments Off on Fair Copier Leases in Minneapolis

Getting a great copier lease is not always the easiest thing to do. We are used to hearing horror stories about the bad experiences that people have had in the past. Too many times we hear about leasing companies that give a lease that looks good at first, but can be deceiving when you really…

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Keeping your Copier Payments Low

By Marketing Group / October 18, 2017 / Comments Off on Keeping your Copier Payments Low

When you sign a copier lease you should know what you are getting yourself into. We are used to hearing stories about leases that aren’t exactly what people were signing up for. The worst thing that can happen is to have your copier lease payments rise in the middle of your lease. This can cause…

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Shipping your Office Copier

By Marketing Group / September 30, 2017 / Comments Off on Shipping your Office Copier

Coming to the end of your copier lease can be an exciting time. You are about to get a new machine for your business and are excited by the possibilities. However, you being to learn that ending a copier lease isn’t always so easy and that there are charges to be worried about that you…

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Understanding Warm-up Time

By Marketing Group / September 23, 2017 / Comments Off on Understanding Warm-up Time

There are some specifications to your office machine that you may not know the importance of. It’s one of those things where some features are emphasized so much that other things don’t seem as important. One such example is determining how valuable a copier with good warm-up time is to you. Understanding warm up time…

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Don’t Get Unlimited Prints!  

By Marketing Group / September 14, 2017 / Comments Off on Don’t Get Unlimited Prints!  

If you are starting a new copier lease then they may try to convince you to get unlimited prints. Your leasing agent may inform you that getting extra prints mid-month will be more expensive than paying for them first. Having the option for unlimited prints may give you the illusion that you have as much…

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Starting a Copier Lease

By Marketing Group / September 7, 2017 / Comments Off on Starting a Copier Lease

So you’re getting ready to get your new business off the ground, but you still need some help. Getting a good office copier is an essential part of your making sure that your business has what it needs. Starting a copier lease can be scary if you are new to the process. Luckily, we are here…

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Questions for your Leasing Agent

By Marketing Group / August 30, 2017 / Comments Off on Questions for your Leasing Agent

Signing a lease with someone is subjecting you to a long relationship with that particular person. It’s important to know that they are someone who is going to be honest and who actually wants to help you out. It’s not always easy to judge someone right away, so we’ve assembled some questions for your leasing…

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Xerox WorkCentre 6015 Overview

By Marketing Group / August 24, 2017 / Comments Off on Xerox WorkCentre 6015 Overview

Just because you don’t have a lot of space in your office doesn’t mean that you can’t get a powerful office machine to meet your needs. When you work with the Xerox WorkCentre 6015 you will be able to get vibrant color and efficiency in a compact design. The WorkCentre 6015 makes outstanding color the…

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Keeping Lease Rates Low

By Marketing Group / August 16, 2017 / Comments Off on Keeping Lease Rates Low

There is nothing worse than having to pay extra for something that has been the same for years. Unfortunately, that’s what can happen to your copier lease payment if you aren’t careful. Not everyone realizes this but the lease price you originally agree to could rise if you have a certain provision in your lease.…

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Xerox WorkCentre 6505 Overview 

By Marketing Group / August 8, 2017 / Comments Off on Xerox WorkCentre 6505 Overview 

If your business relies on color printing to grab attention then there is not substitute for the best. You need a printer or copier that is able to handle the demands you give it and that can produce the same amazing product time and again. The Xerox WorkCentre 6505 delivers true colors the easy way.…

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