Understanding Warm-up Time

There are some specifications to your office machine that you may not know the importance of. It’s one of those things where some features are emphasized so much that other things don’t seem as important. One such example is determining how valuable a copier with good warm-up time is to you. Understanding warm up time is something that most people pay no mind to, but it can be a great way to determine what office machine is right for you.

Warm-up time is the time it takes for your machine to go from being totally turned off, to producing it’s first print. This spec is usually overshadowed by what people consider to be more important– print speed. Print speed is how many prints are produced per minute. However, both are important and you need to consider how your business works to make the right choice.

  • Are we doing a lot of very high volume printing that makes the faster printing worth it?
  • Is this an office where copying is not especially common, and the warm-up time is costing valuable working hours?
  • Is paying more for the faster copies worth the money over the slightly slower printer?

Understanding warm-up time is all about making a choice that makes your office more efficient. Come see our helpful team at Minneapolis Copier to learn more about the specifications of different copiers in order to make the right choice. We want to make sure you are making the right choice when getting an office machine for your business.