Upgrading Copiers

5655-CopierWhen Upgrading Makes Sense

Do you have an outdated copier that your employees have started to complain about? In truth, their complaints could be legitimate, and you could be losing money as a result. When the productivity of your employees are affected, everything downstream will also be affected. What are some signs that it might be time to buy or lease an upgrade? First, you have old-fashioned push buttons that were designed for multiple purposes. In the modern world, you can use a touchscreen to navigate your options, and touchscreens will be more easier to use than what the push buttons were.

Second, if you have a waiting line at the copier, it might be time to come see us. This can indicate that you have a slow or out-of-date copier that takes more of people’s time than what it will be worth. When you compare an upgrade and what you will receive, it makes sense to choose the route of an upgrade. The newer copiers will also have wireless capabilities, which means that you employees can walk over from their desk to pick up their paper. If you are going to sign a lease, we always recommend that customers choose an underestimated product over one that is overestimated because you can always upgrade with a lease, but you cannot downgrade to a lower-demand copier.

Upgrading is a great choice that can save money, and we can help. We have always been there for our customers because we understand the value of having an expert guide you through the process. If you are worried that an upgrade will cost you money, first calculate how much more it will cost not to upgrade. After you have that figure, come talk to us! We can assist customers in the process of upgrading.