Keeping Lease Rates Low

There is nothing worse than having to pay extra for something that has been the same for years. Unfortunately, that’s what can happen to your copier lease payment if you aren’t careful. Not everyone realizes this but the lease price you originally agree to could rise if you have a certain provision in your lease. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about getting a good rate, it’s about keeping that lease rate low.

What you want to do is check to see if there is anything in your lease that allows then to raise their price. It will usually stipulate that after a period of time, generally 2 years, they are allowed to increase prices if they want.

Your leasing company may tell you that is only in there to protect themselves and that it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will raise prices. However, have you ever known a company to be allowed to charge you more and not take it just to be nice?

Keeping your lease rate low can be critical to making sure you stay within budget. It can be expected to have smaller changes due to inflation, but we’ve seen some contracts that rise as high as 12% each year.

Do your research and know what you’re signing before it is too late. You may find yourself paying far more than you have to because you simply didn’t read your lease closely enough. It’ always better to take a second glance before signing—it could save you hundreds.