Don’t Get Unlimited Prints!  

If you are starting a new copier lease then they may try to convince you to get unlimited prints. Your leasing agent may inform you that getting extra prints mid-month will be more expensive than paying for them first. Having the option for unlimited prints may give you the illusion that you have as much control as you need without any downside. However, getting unlimited prints is usually a huge waste of money.

When you are thinking about how many prints you may need we only have one solid, consistent piece of advice—don’t get unlimited prints.

A company that offers you something unlimited is going to be overcharging you. How could they afford to have you use as much as you want without them having a downside? It is also going to be money that you are throwing away every month.

It is always better to pay for the things you need, than waste money month after month “just in case.” That’s why we always say that having unlimited is useless. You will likely never need enough to prints to have the price justify itself.

We generally believe in the 80% rule. This says that you should buy about 80% of the prints that you think you’ll need on your busiest month. This leaves some room for your slower months and, even if it’s a higher price, you can always pay for the extra prints you need if it comes to that. At least you will be paying for what you actually need.