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Twin Cities copier sales and leasing!

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We work with you to help you get a copier that will work at a low price.  We sell and lease new and used copiers and will help you find the deal you are looking for!

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Don't worry about service, a local tech will help you with your service needs too!  No more wondering who to call if something breaks!

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All the toners are included with our simple per print copier plans.  We help you get the plan that will work the best for your company!


Get a Copier in Minneapolis


We Stand Behind You!

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When was the last time someone walked in and said they forgot to order the copier toner and didn't act like someone else was supposed to do that.  We make it easy, we are supposed to do that!

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We ensure before the technician pulls out their toolbox, they know what they are doing.  We train them and mentor them to do a great job in the field!

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Our customer service is available to help and can even be made available on certain service plans (like for hospitals or military contracts).  We want to keep the people who need us most printing.

Any Questions You Have for Us?

What About Leasing?

If you are looking into leasing a copier, there are some things for you to consider. The first is contract length. If you want a copier for as long as possible, a 5 year contract would be typical. The advantage to the longer copier lease length is the monthly payments are lower. Let?s take an example of $10,000 copier machine.

If a copier costs $10,000 the monthly costs would look like this ?

3 Year ? $300

5 Year ? $200

Of course if you want to keep the copier at the end of the lease it would be wise to add about 10% to that number.

Why Do a Copier Lease?

Most Minneapolis companies make the mistake of thinking their lease means they can trade up if they get bigger or trade down if they get smaller. Leases are a way to finance capital equipment like a copier for your business.

Why Trust Us?

If you have ever dealt with a less-than-valuable copier company, you understand how great it is when a copier company backs you up on their products. Without firm support, it is only a matter of time before your copier breaks down. We once heard of a company that waited four days before the dealership would send out a technician to service a copier. When you are a business, that period of time becomes a backbreaking blow that you cannot easily recover from. We ask you: Who backs you up?

Before you ever hire a copier company, you have to determine that essential question. When it comes to service calls with us, we respond within the day. We never let a customer go that long without service because we value our own business. We treat our customers the way that we would want to be treated. What do we offer as a company?
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We receive a lot of repeat business because we are there for our customers when they need us. If you want to determine the value of a business, do not look at how many customers they have. Instead, look at how many repeat customers they have had. A good company receives repeated business for a reason. Interested in learning more about us? For further information, call now. We have the knowledge that has helped many of our customers to receive the best in office technology. In addition, we will tell you the truth and make recommendation based on the requirements of your company.