Discontinued Copiers

Working with a discontinued copier doesn’t have to be an issue. However, your leasing company may tell you otherwise. It’s not uncommon for your leasing company to suggest an upgrade once your machine is discontinued. They may try and make it sound necessary, but it often isn’t. As long as you know how discontinued copiers work, then you can make a smart decision.

Copier leasing companies want to get the newest models out as fast as they can. The manufacturers, like Xerox, want them to push out the new models and get the old models retired. This way they only have their best machines out on the market. But not everyone wants to get an upgrade.

There is something that your leasing company may not be telling you. All copier companies must keep their parts available for at least 5 years after they discontinue a machine. This law is in place to ensure that companies aren’t bullying people into unnecessary upgrades. It allows you to still use your same machine without worry– for a while.

Remember, not everyone out there is going to be honest. You have to ask questions and do your research to make sure that the people you are doing business with are people that you can trust.

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