Calculating Copier Lease Amounts

If this is your first time getting a copier lease then you may be figuring out that it’s a daunting task. Doing internet searches seems like a good idea but it usually ends up stressing people out even more. There are so many different opinions online and it can be hard to figure out what actually applies to you. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to copier lease amounts, but Minneapolis is here to help you get some decent estimates.

Like we said, nothing is set in stone when getting a copier lease. Different companies charge different rates, and not every solution is right for everyone. There still are some estimates you can use when calculating your lease amounts to help you get a good idea.

At Minneapolis Copier we describe most lease payments to be about $25 per month for ever $1000 on your whole copier lease. That means that if you had a copier valued at $12,000, your monthly payments should be around $300 per month.

Once again, this isn’t always going to be the case. Different copiers and different companies charge different rates. These prices are also baed on the standard, 5-year lease. If your lease is shorter, then you can expect higher payments.

We have seen a variety of different charges, so it can be hard to always make a smart estimate. However, the $25 rule is a good way to get a rough idea. Always do as much research as you can with your individual company, but if you are paying way more than our estimate then you may be overpaying.