Total Satisfaction Guarantee

At Minneapolis Copier we are proud to an authorized, certified Xerox dealer. Xerox is the name synonymous with office quality and success. No other company has as much success creating ground breaking office machines than Xerox. They are the name in the world of copiers because of their reliability and excellent products they offer. The other reason we are proud to sell and lease Xerox products is because they offer a Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Total Satisfaction Guarantee is a program that is only offered by our friends at Xerox. They want you to be sure that you are getting a great machine that you can walk away with happy. There is no way to lose when you lease with Xerox. They are so sure that you will love your machine that they will replace or repair your copier for free if it breaks of continues to malfunction.

Copier leases are hard enough as it is, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the reliability of your machine. Working with a Xerox brand copier takes the worry out of operating your copier. We love the Total Satisfaction Guarantee at Minneapolis Copier, and we know you will love it too.

If you are looking for a new copier for your office then look no further than a certified Xerox product from your friend at Minneapolis Copier. Together, we can get you the best machine to fit all of your business needs. No need to worry about the road ahead, because Minneapolis Copier and Xerox has your back. Give us a call today to get a fair lease on an amazing Xerox brand machine today.