Should I get a Tabloid Copier?

If you are searching for a copier for the first time then you may have noticed that some are called A3 Copiers, while others are A4 copiers. It’s important to know the difference when looking for a fair copier lease. At Minneapolis Copier we believe in fair copier sales, and a large part of that you know everything you need to. We want to help you understand if you should get a tabloid copier, and what it can do for your business.

A tabloid copier is what we called an A3 copier earlier. They are capable of printing in tabloid size, which is twice as big as standard, legal sized prints. Tabloid copiers can handle prints that are at least 11” x 17” and are usually about twice as expensive as their small counterparts.

This is because tabloid copiers offer a greater variety of functions than your standard printers. On top of being able to handle to bigger prints, they are often capable of greater color quality, and more print jobs. Tabloid copiers are often the best of the best, in terms of what jobs they can perform.

But their price tag is not the only thing that makes them more expensive. More complexity means more moving pieces inside. This can lead to more maintenance and more things that might need to be purchased to keep it working.

For this reason, it’s important to understand that tabloid copiers are not right for everyone. They are really made for businesses that need big prints, with bright colors to grab someone’s attention. These are usually media or advertising industries that rely on being eye catching.

If you need to know more about tabloid copiers then contact us at Minneapolis Copier. We can help you decide if you should get a tabloid copier and get you set up with a fair copier lease today.