How to Buy the Right Number of Prints

Prints and toner are the two most expensive parts of leasing a copier, aside from the lease payment itself. Both are consumables that are essential to the operation of your copier. This is also the area that many leasing companies use to make themselves some extra money. They often want you to buy more than you need. We think this is wrong at Minneapolis Copier and we want to help you know the right number of prints to buy for your business.

Making a contract for prints can be scary. Salespeople will always make you feel like you are making a wrong decision if you make a conservative estimate. They may tell you that prices will be higher if you need to restock in the middle of the month. While this is usually true, it is still often than buying more than you need.

You see, leasing companies will always true and sell you what you don’t need. It makes them extra money, and they have nothing to lose since the unused prints don’t rollover to the following month. So anything you pay for that you don’t use is just extra money in their pocket.

For this reason, at Minneapolis Copier we recommend actually buying less than you think you’ll need. Usually about 80% of your estimate usage for busy months will be an appropriate buying amount. This will leave you leeway if you have slow months, and will stop you from wasting money on used prints.

It’s better to buy what you need instead of paying extra for security. For more tips on saving money on your copier lease contact Minneapolis Copier. We can get you a fair lease and show you where you might have been ripped off in the past. Call us today to get the best price on copiers in Minneapolis.