Your Copier Could be a Security Risk


Copier’s today are more powerful machines than ever before. They offer the ability to accomplish more than we ever thought possible. However, this power sometimes comes with risks attached. Copiers can be a cyber-security risk, and few people take enough precautions when dealing their copiers. At Minneapolis Copier we want to make sure that you are being safe when using your copier.

The weak point in todays’ copiers is within the hard drive. All office copiers today contain a hard drive that can hold hundreds of Gigabytes of information. These hard drives help make the copiers the powerful machines that they are, but they also contain a lot of potentially harmful data.

One major function of the hard drive is to save copies of everything that passes through your machine. That means that every time something is copied, scanned, or printed, an exact copy of that document lives inside the hard drive.

Most people don’t consider the potentially damning pieces of information that could be on their hard drive. Most copiers see thousands of documents every month. Think of what could happen if someone was able to access everything that when into your office’s copier.

In todays’ society the importance of cyber security cannot be ignored. We have already seen the effect that a security breach can have on the lives of the customers who trust you. Make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your data by getting a security kit.

Most companies offer an optional security kit to help protect you from a potential data breach. Call Minneapolis Copier today to get yourself set up with the tools you need to protect yourself.