Fixing a Discontinued Copier

As technology increases, so does the speed of innovation. While this innovation offers more powerful office machines than ever, it also means companies are more eager to get you set up with their newest models. They want their newest machines in every office, and discontinue older ones to help with their goal. This may leave you asking yourself what to do when fixing a discontinued copier.

Fixing a discontinued copier can be a huge hassle if the parts are truly not in circulation anymore. Fortunately, there is a secret that leasing companies don’t want you to know. Whenever a company like Xerox discontinues a copier, they are required to keep parts in circulation for 5 years. This means that even if your copier is discontinued, there is still a good chance that you can fix it.

Copier leasing companies often don’t want you to know that parts are still available. They want to make it sound like fixing a discontinued copier is almost impossible. This is when they will try and get your money. They may try and offer you one of the newer models for only a minimal amount more per month on your lease. For some people this may be the better option, but it’s important to know the 5 year rule.

If your copier was discontinued 3 years ago and you only have 2 years left on your lease, then you may want to stick with the older machine. They are probably just trying to make it sound easier, when really they just want more money.

However, if your copier was discontinued, say, 7 years ago then they are probably telling you the truth. This is why it’s important to know the 5 year rule. It’s the only way to be sure that you are not being suckered into an unnecessary sale.

Fixing a discontinued copier can be a pain, but it is not impossible. Arming yourself with knowledge like the 5 year rule can put you on top when dealing with leasing companies.

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