Improving your Color Quality

Producing prints with vibrant colors can have a dramatic effect on a presentation.  There are two type of jobs that need color prints the most: advertising jobs and media jobs. In both of these two spheres having impeccable color can be imperative to grabbing your audience. Here’s a little advice on improving your color quality to give you an edge in the workplace.

  1. Make sure the print resolution is as high as it will go. For most people this is either 1800 x 600 or 1200 x 1200 dpi. The more dots per inch, the better the image will look.
  2. Set print driver from text to photo. This will apply mostly if you are in fact printing a photo.
  3. Set print driver to full color. This will give you a wider range of vibrant color options.
  4. Use Adobe PostScript print driver. This will transfer your standard green, blue, and red colors into cyan, magenta, yellow and black values. These new color values will give you a more true color spectrum.
  5. Use a high resolution digital format. Formats like JPEG, PDF, and PNG have a better quality than things like TIFF or Bitmap photo.

Printers have options to help you maximize the job at hand. This variety of settings can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your product. Making sure your settings are correct will turn any brochure, pamphlet, or advertisement look like a work of art.

To find the right copier for all your photo-realistic printing needs, contact Minneapolis copier today. We can help get you the right machine and teach you how to use it. Having the right copier and the knowledge to use it can be a real advantage in the office. Don’t wait another day. Improve your color quality today!