Managed Print services: Save on the Small Stuff

Managed Print services: Save on the Small Stuff

Most savvy business owners will have a detailed list of expenses for the month. This will include a variety of things from salaries, to monthly cost of your copier lease. However, there are things that are hard to account for, like usage of office supplies on a day to day basis. It can seem impossible to monitor all the usage of things like a copier, but that’s why managed print services is there to help you save money on the small stuff.

A good managed print services provider, like those offered by Xerox, can completely change the way you see your bill. Gone are the days when you simply buy consumables when they are running low. A good print services provider can see trends in all your prints and copier needs.

They can monitor every part of your copier’s usage and give you detailed reports about where your money is going.

  • Find out who prints the most and if it’s necessary
  • See where colored toner is being used most
  • See trends of overuse and waste
  • Help transition nonessential paper usage to digital formats

The savings on the small stuff may seem insignificant at first, but over time most managed print service providers offer an essential function. It’s hard to see where you waste money unless you can notice trends in the smallest of margins.

If you want to get set up with a managed print service provider then call Minneapolis Copier today. We can help get you set up with the provider you want so you can start saving on the small stuff today!