Making Business Cards?

Tips for Making Business Cards

When it comes to business cards, they play a huge role on the first impression that you make. Having been in the printing business for a long time, we can offer some excellent tips and tricks on making the most of your business cards. First, use quality paper stock. As stated before, you want the impact of the first impression you make to be one of a professional business. If the card bends or feels flimsy, that is not putting your foot in the door. Making the effort to use the right paper will pay off over the long term.

Including a catchy slogan is equally important. You do not want to take yourself too seriously unless you work in a conservative industry. A catchy or funny slogan means that you will be remembered. Remember: a short saying with a punch will have greater chances of being remembered. Most people love humor.

Also, using color can have a huge impact on whether you get the call. A black-and-white card does not have the same influence as a card printed with color. Nevertheless, do not let yourself get too carried away with color printing. You still want people to look at the contact information, so sticking with a single color scheme and warm colors can have a big impact. Finally, use up the space with interesting graphics or a logo because that helps your business card stand out as unique.