What type of Copier?

QuestionsInkjet, LED, Laser or Solid Ink Copier?

Choosing a machine based on the right technology is so important for a business. If you print plain text or letters, then a laser or LED printer may work for your business. The toner for these copiers will normally cost the least, but they will also cost you more in upfront pricing. While color laser might seem like a natural evolutionary step, the problem is that this transition has happened slowly. A color copier will cost more to buy and resupply, so if you do not need it for promotional materials or things that your customer will see, then you are better off avoiding it.

One of the only reasons that a business owner should ever look at an inkjet printer would be if they need superior photo quality. However, in most cases, the cost in ink cartridges will outweigh the benefits. Most of the time, you will be better off choosing a laser printer because it keeps your costs low, and if you have a lot of photos that need printing, you can go over budget fast. Solid ink printers are offered exclusively from Xerox, and they melt the ink town and squirt out a semi-liquid fluid. However, there is no plastic packaging, which means you pay less in shipping, environmental burden and you need less storage. Nevertheless, solid ink provides you with the same photo printing