Copier Speed, Does it Matter?

computer-saleHow Much Speed Does Your Next Copier Need?

You have looked at the print volume, and that will help you to decide on the processing power, engine speed and the memory that your printer needs. You want to look at engine speed, but we recommend taking the specifications with a grain of salt because they do not always reflect the usage pattern, and they can be somewhat misleading. They do, however, provide you with an indication of what the printer can accomplish in an optimal environment.

If you have a printer that only has an output of 20 pages per minute, that might be fairly slow compared to 20 or 40 pages per minute. In most circumstances, that is what will be the most adequate for offices, but if you need more than 40 pages per minute, you will have a higher need for print volume. The biggest issue with a host-based copier is how they lack the image processing power. Instead, these copiers will depend on connecting to a PC for handling the job. If it has higher megahertz, it will be a faster copier, and that means that it can interpret, receive and print as needed. You should choose the memory of your copier based on the size and number of the jobs. Your typical business copier will range anywhere from 64MB to 256MB, but the models on the higher end will have more room to expand.