Paper Handling

Choosing the Appropriate Paper Handling Capabilities

Your chosen printer should have paper handling capabilities that are appropriate to your business. It should expand to accommodate for ongoing business growth. Some of the entry-level businesses have the standard input capacity of around 150 pages. That might be okay for a low volume office environment, but in a bigger office that will quickly become an annoyance. Another issue with this is that many of the models cannot be expanded, so you will be stuck with the minimal capacity.

If you are going to consider a copier for print volume, you will want the option to expand it. In some cases, copiers will offer the option of a second tray that feeds envelopes and other thick media. You can also create trays for specific types of printing, such as a tray for the thicker media, and having this dedicated tray will save you time on sorting. Another paper handling technique is called automatic duplex. It does not relate to the paper tray, but having this feature can save a lot of trees, and it can literally cut your paper usage by 50 percent because you are maximizing the paper that you print on. The only issue with this is how duplex can somewhat slow down the printing. People who do a lot of stapling might benefit from an automatic stapling or stacking envelopes feature.