Single Function or Multifunction

kyocera-copierShould You Choose a Single Function or Multifunction Copier?

If you only plan to print documents, then you may not need a multifunction copier. Multifunctional copiers have also been referred to as an all-in-one device. People looking to digitize their paper-based files or share them with other people will find benefit with a multifunctional device because it can create electronic images, make photocopies and store or send documents via email. If you choose a multifunction copier, it should have an automatic document feeder that can do simple scanning.

With a single function device, it can only do that type of work. That leaves you with a lot of limitations, and it can have an impact on your budget because you will have to buy more supplies to maintain each device. Nevertheless, multifunction printers have a set of their own problems. For example, if the office is busy, the copier will have to copy, scan, fax and print everything from a single device, and that can become a liability. Also, if you need to scan long-term hundreds or even thousands of documents, then you will need a dedicated document scanner because it will simplify your office. Nevertheless, multifunctional copiers work great with most offices because they can manage the majority of tasks with ease.

Should you choose a single or multifunctional device? That depends on your needs, and our printer company in Minneapolis can help you to decide if it makes sense for your business.