What is the Standard Weight of Office Copy Paper?

Standard office copier paper has commonly been called 20 lb. bond. It will weigh around 10 pounds for every 1,000 sheets. When people say office copy paper, a lot of the time, they are talking about paper that your average person will use for their copier at home or work. This is the paper that can be bought at a local office store. It is the cheapest blank paper that you can buy, and it has sometimes been referred to as 50 lb. uncoated text. Despite the two differing names, however, there is no real difference. People refer to differing paper poundage because of the basis weight concept.

While the paper remains the same, there will be two differing stacks, and they will measure the bond in a smaller stack. With that said, customers are aware of the standard paper weight, but what about the other types of paper. What if you want a thicker type of paper? That will have a more substantial feel to it, and the images will not be visible through the back of the sheet like they would with 20 lb. bond. Other types include 24 lb bond, 60 lb. uncoated text and 28 lb. bond or 70 lb. uncoated text. Maximizing your print quality boils down to choosing the right paper for the right task.