Should You Use Copier Paper or Printer Paper?

paperIf you are shopping for some office paper, we do not recommend that you buy the first paper you come across. Some business owners have the mistaken assumption that paper is paper, but some will be labeled as copier paper, and other paper will have the label of multipurpose paper. You also might see it called color copy and laser paper. What is the difference? Believe it or not, there is an actual difference. If you purchase standard copy paper, it will be thinner than what you receive with printed paper. The one time where you will notice an actual difference would be when you print large images. Because printing will deposit a lot of toner on the page, you will have a blurry or wrinkled mess of an image with thin copier paper. We never recommend that business owners use the cheapest paper they can find because this will have a huge impact on the print quality. However, if you have a more expensive paper, we advise business owners to save it for the tasks where they will be printing a lot of graphics with their documents. For further information on print quality related to paper, contact our company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for further information. We have experts waiting to help you get the most from your copier.