UV Coating: What is It?

UVUV stands for ultraviolet, and it refers to a specific type of paper finishing that helps your printing products to stand out better because it has a glossier finish. UV coating has sometimes been used with paper products to help create a desired texture. How does it work? The company uses bright, UV lighting that adds a coat of finish to the paper. The main reason business owners choose this approach is because it makes it look better. You would be surprised at the results of a UV finished catalog. UV coating helps to enhance the texture of your printing. If you have pictures in a magazine, for example, it presents the colors as more vibrant and alive. What products would be great with UV coating? Spiral Bound Booklets Mini Posters Flyers Saddle-stitched Booklets Catalogs Color copying has been shown to increase the customer response. If you want to maximize your sales efforts with color copying, we recommend adding a UV coating to it for a glossy finish. You will take your project to the next level. Interested in learning more about UV coating? For further information, contact our copier dealership in Minneapolis. We can help you to present your products in the best light.