How to Cut Printing Costs in 2016

kyocera-copierImplementing a great print strategy can help to boost your productivity because employees deal with fewer distractions. What are some of the things that you can do? First, look to optimize your printing output through managed print services. Some businesses report an annual savings of up to 35 percent, and you can control your printing costs by identifying the areas where you are losing money. Second, be cautious of having many printers in the office. If you have 50 different printers, that can pose a real issue for your IT staff members. The problem is that every brand will have specific maintenance and parts requirements. It can prove difficult to control your costs when everything will break down at different times. Choosing to conduct a free print audit, you can determine how much you can reduce your printing fleet. In some cases, companies have reduced their copier fleet by between 25 percent to 60 percent. When you integrate your devices into fewer printers, you lower the costs. Lastly, design and implement a managed print strategy that means your employees will encounter fewer distractions. For example, managed print services can keep track of the toner levels so that you run out less often. For further information on reducing your printing expenses, contact our copier company in Minneapolis.