Data Security—Stay Protected

EveIs Your Copier's Data Secure- (1)ry copier produced after 2002 features a hard drive, which could contain sensitive images of confidential information. If stolen, this could wreak havoc upon your business. In addition to a loss of reputation, you could be subject to outrageous fines if a data breach occurs. While you can buy a data security kit, always check them before you buy. If the manufacturer did not configure them correctly, they may not work the way you would expect. In the modern business world, used copiers have flooded the market. While they can be a fantastic deal, you have to address the data concerns before getting rid of a copier. The people who risk having their data compromised include: Accountants Medical Practitioners Attorneys Banking Institutions Do you want to purchase a new copier? If so, our company can help to wipe the data clean on your old copier. In addition, we can increase your data security through careful scrutiny. We take the time to teach businesses how to practice procedures that keep them safe and maintain security standards with sensitive data. When buying a copier, the people who stand behind you are equally as important as the copier itself. You want a dealership that will back you up. DSI of Atlanta will be there for you when you need us.