Paper Storage

Everything You Need to Know: Paper Storage

Looking to create the ideal office conditions and reduce paper jams? If so, the best office temperature will be at around 72 degrees with 45 percent humidity. When it comes to preventing jams, you have to consider two things: First, you have to look at the moisture levels. A lower moisture content guarantees that you will have no post-print curl. Second, you want to choose precision sheeting. This means that you want to choose paper that has been sheeted to prevent jams and misfeeds because of a poor cut quality.

Before you decide to store paper, we recommend sealing it in an airtight container. This prevents dust and moisture in the air from affecting it and causing paper jams. Also, you want to occasionally shake out your stacks of paper from dust. After a while, paper starts to collect dust and you can vacuum this section out to remove the dust. If you have paper that will sit idle in the machine for a long period of time, we recommend placing it into an airtight container. Storing your paper correctly can save you a lot of time and frustration. Want to learn more? For further information, contact Minneapolis Copier in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are experts dedicated to a higher standard in office technology.