Boost Productivity and Eliminate Waste with Follow-Me Printing

kyocera-copierFollow-Me Printing, also referred to as pull printing, helps to boost workflow because you can release your print job from any of the available copiers. How does it work? Instead of automatically printing, print jobs get sent to the Cloud, which reduces costs and eliminates bottlenecks. When you have employees printing to a shared copier, it creates two issues. First, employees will have to walk over to the centralized copier to retrieve the documents each time. You will waste paper and toner when people forget to pick up their sheets because it costs $0.01 to $0.02 every time to print in black and white.

Second, sharing means that you will have productivity bottlenecks. If you want to use the copier, you may have to wait your turn, and the more time people spend waiting in line, the less time they will spend working on other important tasks for your business. With Follow-Me Printing, you walk up to any available copier and login securely using a PIN number. After you have done that, the documents will always be picked up from whatever copier, and it makes use of copiers that are not in use, which is going to amp up your business efficiency. No more long lines at a single copier when other copiers are available!