Paper Usage: How We Got Here and How We Can Change

paper-655112_640When considering paper usage, we have to ask ourselves how did we get to this point? Because of newer technology, we have a better method of storage, communication and data usage, but paper still plays a vital role in our modern lives. Today, we communicate using text messages and emails, as opposed to the typewriter or pen. Even newspapers are becoming outdated as the electronic storm rages on. Nevertheless, we are seeing more paper usage than ever before. Here’s a brief history of paper usage:

  • 1455—Johannes Gutenberg invents a printing press
  • 1884—The Mimeograph Machine gets invented
  • 1958—Chester A. Carlson invented the Xerox machine
  • 1966—Xerox invents the first fax machine that succeeds
  • Today—Document management software reaches the market

While we have witnessed a rapid revolution in technology over the last few decades, paper usage has grown. In the past, we printed 92 million tons of paper, but today, we print more than 208 million tons. That is a 126 percent increase in the use of paper. What has been the environmental impact? If the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy the rain forests. With document management, you are choosing a more environmentally friendly approach.