How to Increase Sales for Your Small Business with This Print Strategy

letter-447577_640Ever tried to contact a difficult prospect? You attempted phone calls and emails, but you still have not received a response. Whether you work in a business to business environment or a business to customer operation, mailing customized and handwritten envelopes will give you an edge of credibility where other strategies have failed. Think about it: How do you feel after receiving a handwritten envelope in the mail?

With the invention of email, there is no longer as much excitement with receiving mail. Love letters, school acceptance letter, Christmas cards and award nominations get sent out through the mail. As a customer, you should set the goal to convey that same level of excitement with your sales letters. That is why taking the time to create an attention-grabbing sales letter will delight and excite your prospects. You will increase sales and grab the attention of customers, which will propel your company to success.

What can you do to grab attention? First, use handwritten font to the customer. This makes it more personal and gives readers a reason to open your mail. Second, use a hook for the eyes. Dan Kennedy uses the “Top Secret” graphic when he wants to catch the attention of his customers. Branding art helps to differentiate you from the countless other letters that your prospects receive.