Can You Change the Drawer of Your Print Job After It Has Been Sent to a Copier?

kyocera-copierThe answer to this question is fairly interesting because you sort of can. Every copier will have a print driver that lets you select a paper drawer to release print jobs. Nevertheless, most of the time this setting has a default for “Automatic,” which means that your document size will be in correlation with the correct paper drawer. Once you have sent the print task to the copier, you will not be able to change the drawer. You can work around this, however.

The first option is to set your paper drawer as automatic and remove the paper size from the copier that will correspond with print jobs. When you do this, you can manually walk up to your copier and change the print job settings. In the second option, you can take advantage of the secure release function. This includes Secure Print, mailboxes or AA-Print software. When you use these features, it will allow you to release the print job even after it has been sent. Doing this, you can delete a print job and send it to the copier with the correct drawer settings. Interested in learning more? For further information, contact our copier company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have the expertise to guide you with everything related to copiers.