Tips for Copier Paper

paper-655112_640A lot of experts believe that some business owners could be receiving more from their copier paper. How do you receive the best performance from your copier paper? First, select a quality product from the start. If the product has been mill-branded, that is always quality paper. However, once your product gets labeled with another brand, you do not have a guarantee that you will receive the best product. Many experts consider the 20 pound basis weight as the standard, but heavier-weight papers give you stiffness and bulk that offers a more consistent and higher-quality appearance. Want to avoid mottling on your paper? This problem stems from toner adhesion, and the trick is to find a color copy paper that offers excellent evenness to prevent the mottled effect.

If you are trying to get a higher brightness or smoothness on paper, then you should choose a higher brightness because this will increase the quality. In addition, choose a smoother paper because that leads to better print quality. In general, producing color documents should take place with premium paper that provides you with both smoothness and high brightness. Shopping for brightness, look at the shade. For example, a neutral will normally provide you with a truer flesh toner. Meanwhile, a high-brightness sheet will create a remarkable contrast between the brights and the clear images.