Need to Move a Copier?

Why You Want to Hire a Copier Mover for the Big Moves

When it comes to moving office technology, you have three methods of achieving a move: DIY, general professional movers and a specialized office equipment mover. A lot of people have chosen the DIY method because, upfront, it costs the least. However, it is also the one that costs the most in the long run if you damage the equipment, costs can range anywhere from $300 to unreasonable costs of repair. What are some of the common damages that occur from mishaps? The most common damage that occurs is bent frames, toner spills and broken plastic parts.

A general professional mover is only slightly better than the DIY method because they are experienced at moving, but they have no specialization with moving copiers. For that reason, they may not strap the copier down in the right place when they need to, and this could cause damage to a copier. Moving a copier will be different from moving a dresser or couch because copiers have internal parts that need to be strapped down in the right way. The general professional moving philosophy of, “Tight is right,” may work with moving less fragile items, but it does not work when moving copiers. Tying a copier down too tightly can bend the frame and cause misalignment. This is why you want a specialized equipment mover for the job.