Print Larger Format Copies

Boost Your Productivity with a Larger Sheet Size

For Ohio State University, printing off 26-inch sheets has created a world of difference in productivity. The university boasts a Xerox iGen150, which can run 14.33″ x 26″ sheet. What makes people ecstatic about it? The productivity gains with this machine are huge because of a larger sheet and a 150-page-per-minute copy. Excluding the speed, the university creates a lot of postcards and instead of running nine on a 13″ x 19″ sheet, they can boost it up to 15.

Because they used to run 12″ x 18″ copies, they have seen a great increase in speed with the 26″ sheets. There’s also a significant cost and time savings, and they can pass these savings onto the customer. The copier operates at such high speeds that around 85 percent of the work now gets placed through the iGen 150. That includes brochures, football programs and postcards. When you print on a larger sheet, you also save on the cost of paper because you do not have to buy paper as often, and because the jobs can be turned in very fast, it reduce the costs. Are you in need of a faster copier? Whether you want a faster copier or one that can print larger sheet sizes, Minneapolis Copier has you covered. For more information, call today!

The production copiers cost much more up front, but can make a lot of sense if you do 20,000+ per month in color.