Help the Environment with Your Copier

5655-CopierUse Heidelberg’s Online Assessment to Measure Your Environmental Efforts

Heidelberg recently developed a free online self-assessment tool that allows business owners to understand their environmental impact. The self assessment test looks are three key areas that are aligned with the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership: product, process and envelope. With this self assessment, you can use fewer resources and save money on printing costs. The assessment looks at multiple factors that range from daily decision making to environmental management.

What do some of the topics include? They include the environmental impact on your substrates and consumables, the level of consultancy with customers about minimizing the carbon footprint, color management, your building certifications and the manufacturing process. Heidelberg’s Environmental test will give you a grade for all three of the sub-categories. After you have taken the test, you will receive an email and a link to the results. You can share the results with your organization, and using the information given, you can identify the possible steps for improving your grade. How you improve your organization will depend on what the test tells you. Want to learn more about improving your carbon imprint at your company? For further information, contact Minneapolis Copier in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are a company with the expertise and knowledge to assist customers with managing their printing costs and finding a great copier.