How to Get the Best Performance from Your Copier through Paper

home-office-599475_640Looking to achieve the highest color for your color copier? If so, then you should use a bright white paper. The paper you choose will make a difference. Brighter paper has a
tendency of creating more vibrant colors, and if you choose a paper with a brightness rating of 100, that is extremely bright, and the light will be reflected back. When does a lower brightness paper work? One of the best times for this kind of paper would be for high-volume tasks that use a lot of text and numbers. A lower brightness paper will be easier on the eyes.

If you are trying to capture the detail of a print, then you will want to choose a smoother paper. This type of paper has been designed to provide you with crisp, clear imaged. The finest image quality will relate to how smooth you can get the surface of the paper. A smoother surface means that you will have a finer image quality. You can check the smoothness of paper based on the Sheffield scale. If you have a lower value, that means that the paper will be smooth. Digital print paper will range from 40 to as high as 250. Looking for a great copier in Minneapolis? Check out Minneapolis Copier. We are a company with a solid reputation for excellence.